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(11) To disclose information to the Army Finance Center, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, to pay student allowances and maintain and dispose of their pay records. 2856, 2916, or 2917, except that in the case of a research project, the researcher shall guarantee to protect the anonymity of all staff and students involved in any presentation of the results of such study.(12) To disclose information to Federal, State, and local agencies and to community-based organizations for the operation of experimental, research, demonstration, and pilot projects authorized under sections 156, 171, or 172 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 29 U. (13) To disclose information to contractors and agencies that operate centers or have Outreach Admissions and Placement (OA&P) issues which demonstrate a legitimate need for the information to enable them to properly administer their responsibilities in the Job Corps program.Counseling records are retained on the Job Corps center for 6 months after student's termination, after which they are destroyed.After termination, a summary or copy of the counseling record is placed in the health record.Notification procedures: Requests for access of terminated student's records are to be directed to the appropriate U. DOL Regional Job Corps Office, or to the System Manager at the above address.

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by Catherine (Sheffield, UK) I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating.Safeguards: Records are maintained in file folders during center use; health records are placed in sealed envelopes after termination; on magnetic tapes, computer data base, or discs; and are stored in locked filing cabinets with access to those whose official duties require access.Retention and disposal: Job Corps centers will maintain records of terminated students for a period of 3 years unless custodianship is extended or terminated, for administrative reasons, by the regional office.Categories of records in the system: Records contain information kept on the students, such as separate running accounts of the students' general biographical data; educational training, vocational training; counseling; recreational activities; dormitory logs; health (dental, medical, mental health, and drug testing records); administrative records covering data pertaining to enrollment allowances and allotments; leave records; Student Profile (ETA-640); and Center Standards Officer's disciplinary records. (4) To disclose information to appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies which have law enforcement jurisdiction over students (which includes probation or parole officers); and/or the property on which the center is located.Authority for maintenance of the system: Subtitle C of Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 29 U. (5) To disclose all or any information to parents/guardians regarding students under the age of 18 for performance of parental rights and responsibilities.

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